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Design To Order Services


DTOS Application Stories


Advantech DTOS team has involved in the embedded industry for years serving dedicated and streamlined customization services to enable a variety of applications in the market.

Building Reliable Efficient Ticket Vending Machines for Mexico’s Metro
Subway ticket vending machines (TVM) are critical pieces of transportation infrastructure. Advantech’s customer in this case is a large TVM manufacturer in Mexico. They were seeking an edge computer for installation within metro TVM kiosks. This edge computer needed enough computing power to process data on the kiosk. It also required enough
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Advantech Edge Computing Solutions Help Semiconductor Equipment Upgrades
Semiconductor chips are the brains of modern electronics. Indeed, they empower highly advanced technologies in communications, computing, retail, healthcare, and transportation applications. Global semiconductor sales increased by 6.5 % in 2020, leading to increased demands for the manufacturing equipment needed in their production.
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Real-Time Monitoring of Circulating Water-Cooling Systems
As an intrinsic part of the energy industry, petrochemical plants operate many pieces of equipment, often in environments with high ambient temperatures. Therefore, a highly efficient circulating water-cooling system for heat dissipation is needed to ensure stable operations.
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Health and Beauty Retailer Gets an Exciting New Look with Advantech’s DS-082 Digital Signage Players Powered by AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000 Processors
Ultra-compact Advantech DS-082 systems deliver rich graphics in multi display configurations to enhance the shopper experience, drive sales, and reduce print promotion expenses. The health and beauty retailers and pharmacies lining our high streets and shopping malls compete fiercely for customer foot traffic. Particularly in neighborhoods where
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Improve Efficiency and Optimize Real-time Ordering with Kitchen Display Systems
COVID-19, and the resulting social distancing restrictions, have changed the food service industry, and made in-person ordering more challenging. In response, customers are increasingly placing their orders through alternative channels — such as online platforms, self-ordering kiosks, and drive-thrus. Kitchen display solutions are integral in this
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